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setting up TANK FOR BIMAC , 240 gallons


Aug 21, 2004
its 8 feet long , 2 wide and 25 inches tall

Is one inch deep sand bed ok

and Are bimacs ok with several lbs of live sand mixed with southdown sand , or does this hurt them ?

also how long do I have to wait till the tank cures to get one , he will abe a baby when i get him from octopets.com , I knwo its beet to wait like 1 month to get one , but everytime i hear this its soemoen setting one up in a little tank , this is going to be a baby bimac in a 240 , so can I add one sonner than 1 month ?

also since its such a large tank , is it possible to keep 2
Hi marinerules and welcome to TONMO.com! :welcome:

This is a wonderful oversize octo tank that will enable you to see your bimac carrying out his life in a very natural way. We had another person with a large tank like this, and his octo made the rounds of the tank every day, checking the same locations. He'll have plenty of room to jet about, too.

However, just because it's a bigger tank doesn't mean that you can avoid setting up the tank and having it cycle. You'll have to wait a while - maybe a couple of months. However, this will be time well spent in taking care of your new tank and letting the natural processes occur. It would be good for your baby bimac to build up a good supply of amphipods.

I hope you use some live rock, pvc pipes and other good places for your bimac to hide. You can make a very beautful and interesting tank with such a large size to work with.

Octopuses are solitary animals. In every instance I know of where someone tried to keep two, one eventually attacked and ate the other. You could have a starfish and certainly something like shore shrimp, which your octo would learn to catch and eat.

A one inch sandbed is OK. I don't know what Southdown sand is, but I'm coming across it a lot recently. Will have to investigate.

thanks for replying

really , 1 - 2 months , I dont know wh y it takes that long
I mean if thats what it takes , thats what it takes

but every tank I have , cycles wihtin a month or less

Plus I will be stuffing this tank with macro algae of all types , because I wont have a protein skimmer for awhile

yes i know , I cant wait to get the ocotpus ,

Do you ahve a bimac?

are they that active, or is it only at feeding time ?
How big of an octo do you think he could put in that tank? I would think a full grown day octopus would fit fine, if he could find one.

Set your tank up like a reef tank, minus the coral. Get it well established with pods and other small creatures. They'll provide snacks and cleanup efforts. Make sure at some point the top is sealed so nothing can escape.

When I buy a house (in five years) I'm going to buy a tank about this size and might try keeping some very non-agressive fish with an octo. I know they will probably end up as food, but if they co-exist it would be nice.
Well, day octopuses are hard to get, but he could have a vulgaris or briareus, if he wants a wild caught octo.

If you set it up as a reef tank, there are certain soft corals you could have - this was discussed on one of our threads not long ago.

You must avoid anemones, because they will sting the octopus.

Some live rock would be fine, too.

Get a skimmer as soon as possible. You'll need that to remove ink and octo waste.


Yes I coudl have alot bigger of an octo , but Ive heard that the bimac is the easiest to care for

im not filling the tank to its top , it will problably be about 200 gallons of water in the tank , i dotn have my overflows hook up so I dont fill it over the overflows lol

How big can the Bimac get ?

Im getting it from octopets.com

surely not having a skimmer for 3 - 4 months wont be that big of a deal , considering All teh WATER and the fact that when i get him , hes going to be around 1 -2 inch mantle length , but I hear they grow fast

will macro algae not help keep down on the octos waste ? I will also try to have brittle stars and a choc star in there as well , and maybe a damsel or two , as long as they dont pick on him , though I know they will probly get eaten

right now im continuitn my search for southdown sand , otherwise I will not be able to get the tank set up for a long time

$3 a bag for sand is better than $45 at the petstoer , though it will take several live bags to seed the southdown , which is calcium based sand from the carribean

anyone else here have a LARGE tank wi th their ocotpus in it

I woudl like to see some videos of octos eating ,

im new here

I just hope when I get this baby octo from octopets. that it doenst stay really smal;l forever, otherwise , im never going to be able to see it

I want it to grow
I have a chocolate satr with my bimac, so far he is the only animal that has survived, the red starfish fell victim to the chocolate, and the turbo snail to the bimac, so now is the final round bimac vs. chocolate.

J/k so far they are fine together.

they are intresting , but they are twice as much in cost, twice as much effort to keep alive , and if it dies, twice as much worry about the money you wasted
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