Setting up a tank for octopus vulgaris


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Feb 24, 2018
Sorry for the delay. I checked back with the fish store guy and he confirmed he imports the animals from southeast Asia, mainly Phillipines and Indonesia. As I inquired if then this would be O. vulgaris or A. aculeatus, he answered that both would be distinguished and available (he added that an aculeatus would be a bit harder to get).

SO... actually I think we just for it. We'd prefer a vulgaris, but if it turns out to be an aculeatus, these guys should be fun, too (although I took from the "Journals" section that they tend to have a really short lifespan which really is a sad thing ... a browsed through a dozen of reports and calculated an average lifespan in the tank of just over three months).

The setup we'd plan right now includes a 100g/400l tank plus a 25g/100l sump, 60p/30kg of live and reef stone. Main question right now, should we include a compartment for algae in the sump to keep oxygen high, esp. during nighttime?

@perke, thanks for your offer. I guess, though, that you were having mediterranean specimen in mind? Would you comment on pH/temp/light details for the origin mentioned above?

thank you all
(hoping to get rid of that humiliating "larval mass" status anytime soon)


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Sep 4, 2006
Aculeatus is a great home tank species but, as you have noted, they are usually caught as adults. I would be very surprised if they ever get vulgaris. I know this seems odd since it is the most common octopus (ie believed to live in all oceans) but we rarely see them for sale and have never seen one from importers (keep in mind I can only speak for what we see on TONMO and most journals are in the US). Let the adventure begin :biggrin2:

It never hurts to grow algae in the sump. However, keep in mind that algae will need more than ambient lighting.

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