Sepia Officinalis

Sep 18, 2006
I was just doing a little research on sepia officinalis (common meditteranean cuttlefish). They are supposed to be much better "travellers" than sepia bandensis and live quite a bit longer. Has anyone had experience with sepia officinalis and if so where were you able to buy one? I know they mostly come from Europe but a lot of the distributors over there seem willing to ship them...Thanks! -Dustin P.
We've had a number of people keep this species of cuttlefish. They need a big tank and are very difficult to find for sale. At one time Octopets bred and sold them, so this where people were able to obtain them (Octopets no longer exists).

Colin, my co-moderator in Scotland, kept S. officinalis a few years ago.

Try searching on the species name and you might find some accounts in our past posts.

Zim was my Offininalis got him right before octopets went out of buisness.
He was a cool kat with plenty of attitude.
kept him for several months in my 75 and then moved himto 150 when he got big.
seemed to like it in the 150.
was fine for 12 months then died suddenly after a 3 days of not eating :frown:

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