sepia bandensis food alternatives


O. bimaculoides
Mar 16, 2009

I'm late in answering I know. But a few years ago I had some success with freshwater shrimps like red fire or so called 'neck strap' shrimps. They are easy to raise and breed in a small tank with no need for monitoring water quality. You'll soon find that there is plenty of different sizes of the shrimps and the cuttles will feed them right away. My cuttles grow remarkably within two weeks (for the first clutch I used mysis) but all died shortly after that age (maybe due to some stupid water additives I used...)

Picture in german sorry, but there is a Mysis, a juvenile shrimp I feed after hatching and an adult I feed after two weeks indicated by the arrows.

The freshwater shrimps survive about two hours in saltwater without any adaptation. So you should only feed as much as needed to avoid stress in the animals. Just uploading a video, coming up tomorrow.


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