Sepia apama variations

Aug 1, 2007
i've been looking at alot of pictures of sepia apama and there seems to be 2 subspecies. One with spots on the tentacles and on with stripes. i'm only 14 so i may be confusing 2 entirely different species
Dec 16, 2005
There are no subspecies of Sepia Apama. There are two localities, one from Western Australia and one from Eastern Australia. The two have slight variations but are considered the same species. Sepia Apama have both stripes and spots on their tentacles, though in the pictures you saw the individuals have without a doubt chosen to excentuate certain patterns due to genetics, mood, aggression, age, or surroundings. There is also a chance that you may have seen a couple of the different localities, and there is always the possibility that the site you were at did not give a correct ID to the cuttle pictured.


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