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Nov 20, 2002
:mrgreen: Here's an interesting website I found about a year ago. I did order from them and they not only guarantee their stock, but replace! Also captive bred!

Did you ever get any seahorses from oceanrider? I didn't, simply because they're in hawaii and I'm in Maryland. I eventually got mine from, who is at least on this continent, and runs a similar guarantee.

Don't hate me, but this is a cephalopod forum. Being serious breeders, I bought the seahorses specifically to test a theory- that hatchling seahorses might be suitable food for hatchling octopuses. :wink2:

Trouble is, I can't get my hands on a prego female!

Cheers, Jimbo
You got it Dr. O'Shea! In seahorseland it's the male that gets the burden of pregnancy. I'll tell you what, they're PRODUCTIVE too! You keep a pair of H abdominalis fed well and stress free, and they'll have litters of dozens of ponies every month. The ponies are a snap to rear, too! (says a guy who's tried to rear octopuses!)

BTW, nothing bugs me more than "me too" responses on BBS's but I have to chime in that I'm a big fan of yours as well. It's funny because the guys on the nature specials never seem to quite realize they're the heroes of the scientist wannabes and nature show junkies out there in the populace, such as this 33 year old gov computer specialist who realized about three years ago that his true calling was marine biology, and is now pursuing the academics at night while paying the bills during the day. I hope one day we can trade a real handshake, but in the meantime I look forward to getting to know you in a digital sense.

Fondly, Jimbo
ROTFL! Reading back through the messages after my reply, I suddenly realized my dangling modifier!

I can't get a prego OCTOPUS. :D

You knew that, dint'cha?. I'm so embarrassed! :oops: ( :lol: )

Cheers, J
Hi there!

I did order about 2 years ago, and received 6 Medium. They came in great! Only problem was one had a small peice of tail missing so they replaced immediately at no charge!!!

Do Octopi babies actually eat them????? That would be a tough call to use seahorses as food cause I love them both!!!!

Hi, Im in the seahorse club too.... as is other member Amcarrig. I have (well, my gf) has two H. kuda and they have been doing great since I got them. they are eating well on mysis, brine and corophium shrimps...

Dunno how she would feel about me feeding the ponies to hungry octopuses????? Oh well, what she doesn't know..... LOL em, does she read this site?????? :shock:

Here's the dig on feeding the seahorse ponies to anything: when captive seahorses have ponies, most of them get sucked into the filter anyway- love em or not, it does take a good bit of effort to capture all the microponies, set up a low-flow tank for them, and feed them and raise them. The first time you see the tiny 2mm seahorses in your tank, the overwhelming maternal/paternal instinct makes you try to raise (save) them. After a few litters, you tend to just let fate decide. If you'll excuse one tasteless joke, the seahorses act like welfare families- they seem to think the more ponies they have, the more benefits they'll get. It does get tiring trying to keep up with them.

While I don't have a prego female octopus to test my theory on feeding seaponies to cephalopods, I'm thinking it'll be unsuccessful: my large briareus is currently living in harmony with the seahorses in question- and doesn't bother them at all.
Gee...any theories on this?! :o Could seahorses be generally safe to keep with octos? I know they prefer feeding on tiny foods...and if octos, especially smaller ones, show little to no interest... I had kinda resigned myself to having no fish of any kind, but if it would be possible to have these very cool and unusual fish...that would be great!

Hi Rusty,

Approach with great caution- while this briareus ignores the seahorses- even when they grab onto HIM! (LOL!) The next octopus I get might chow on them like there's no tomorrow. In general, the only animals I know of that can reliably live in harmony with our 8-armed friends are corals and echinoderms.

Cheers, Jimbo
plz before you get seahorses research them. there complicated fish. a great place to learn about them is This is tons of info and a message board. i belong to both and visit both. plz do research. and as for ocean rider there an amazing place. i live in pa and i got 6 seahorse just alittle ago and there all doing amazing great. :D

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