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SeaClone 100 Protien Skimmer


Colossal Squid
Staff member
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Nov 20, 2002
Wasn't sure where to post this, but Hermin's protein Skimmer developed a leak in the J tube about a week ago. My LFS said contact the company, Aquarium Systems, which I did by email. Today arrived a new complete setup, minus the powerhead, free of charge. I was very impressed with their service!

Just a thought, if anyone has a problem with equipment, sometimes it's best to go directly to the source!

Carol :smile:
good call!

The skimmer gets such a slagging too!!! But at least their customer service is really good!
Hey Colin!!!!

How come this skimmer is not liked???? It's produced lots of yucky stuff for me!!!

Would it be better to get a differrent kind??

Sea Clown Skimmer


I have had several Sea Clones and while they do an adequate job you would be shocked at how much more "gunk" a better skimmer will remove.

The Seaclone has some design defects which limit its capabilities. First, the cheapo air valve. I found that if you replace it with a better one you get much better control over the skimmer output. Second, the powerhead is a little bit underpowered for the skimmer. Finally the interior riser tube is too high. This lessens the contact time for the rising bubbles and makes the "reaction chamber" that much smaller. I actually pulled out the inner riser from on of my seaclones and cut it down to about 4". I found the skimmer to be more efficient that way.

If your skimmer seems to be working, I don't think you have to run out and buy a new one. (If it ain't broke don't fix it) I would keep the Sea Clone's limitations in mind when you do go shopping for a new one.

Hope this helps,
Thanks George!

I am going to get a better valve. Right now I am octopus-less. :frown: But have already made some calls and am patiently waiting.

I thought mine worked pretty good! Well guess it will do for now. What kinds are recommended??? Did you use a saw to cut it down? I didn't realize that tube comes out. May have to doctor it some.

Hey Carol:

You can pull the inner riser out without breaking it with a pair of needle nose pliers. It is attached using some kind of glue so you need to kind of rock it back and forth until it comes loose. (On one seaclown I couldn't remove it)

Advice regarding other skimmers really depends on what you want to pay. Fishsupply.com selly a WOn Brothers venturi skimmer for about $75.00 you will also nee a pump of at least 700 gph to use with it. This is by no mean top of the line, but I've found it to be more productive than the Seaclown. If you want to spend big you might want to look at the Aqua Medic Skimmers (I think Colin has one maybe he can comment) I've also heard some good things about the Kent Nautilus TE skimmer but have never used it.

However, If your Seaclone seems to be working and the tank is healthy, you may want to experiment with the new air valve and stick with what you have rather then spending $$ if you don't have to. The main thing is to have a healthy tank, it seems that there is always some new
"miracle product" :roll: that one must have for the aqarium.

Good luck,

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