Sad day

Sep 10, 2006
Just thought I'dlet everybody know. At roughly 7:20 this evening Vigo went to that great ocean in the sky. Unfortunitly my 2 year old daughter was the one to find her. I'm extremely glad that we don't have any snow here right now,would've made the funeral alot harder. I'm still a little disappointed that I could never find out what specie she was. She will be greatly missed.:cry: :goodbye:
Thanks everyone. On a brighter note,as soon as we came in from our little funeral,Jordan (my daughter) walked up to Slaneesh's tank and claimed him as HER new "optopus".

corw314;84926 said:
Rip Vigo....Sure was a beauty and you gave her a wonderful life. I still say her coloring reminds me of G2 who we think was O Bimaculoide, I think? If you Feb 18th will be 7 months for G2!!!

Vigo does look alot like G2,specially the third pic. Did G2 have 2 false eyespots? Vigo only had the one on her left side.
G2 had two, but I'm wondering if perhaps yours had a genetic thing. G2 also was a master at color changes, texture, very engaging. Not that other octos don't do wonderous changes, but it just seemed like G2 could spike up better than any octo I have every had. And her eyespots had a yellow open chain. I'll do some research and see if I can find the post where we thought we had identyfied her. Glad to hear your little one is accepting and moving on.


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