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Nov 20, 2002
To be fair, I once saw a fascinating documentary -- I think it was on the Discovery Channel -- about this place:


From what I understand, the Mutter Museum was also considered controversial at first (still is by many). Though open to the general public, it is frequented most often by medical students and historians from around the world. Judging from the documentary, it is a rather eerie place because -- in contrast to the sterile "plasticized" cadavers of Prof. Whatzisname -- many of the Mutter's Pickled People date back to over a century ago, thus having a sort of dingy, outré, carnival sideshow "feel" to them. Also, unlike the prof's "specimens", whom I gather are physiologically normal, the Mutter prominently features bizarre medical anomalies and abnormalities that hold a strange fascination for the public (though few would be willing to admit it).

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Taningia "Our Medical Exhibit is Weirder Than Yours" Danae
May 14, 2003
Interesting, I just looked at that website!

I forget to say, in my bit about plastinates, that there were also lots of cases of organs etc with showing different pathologies. This was good, for example we id aneurysms/cva's using CT/MR, but to see an aorta with an anuerysm sort of links it and it makes more sense, we thought of taking our radiography undergrads there.

There is also a museum in a london hospital that has every pathology under the sun in a jar. A lot of these are really old, and hence v interesting as some of these things you just don;t see anymore. They all have a type written history in a book nearby. They also have a section with wax models of skin diseases. It's not open to the public though, just medical/paramedical and art students, we still take our students there.

Nothing squid-like at all here!!!


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Mar 15, 2003
I blame you all for the incredibly horrid images my wife (who is studying mortuary science here at ASU) is downloading at some frightening rate, and rushing into my studio now and again to show me yet again some awful photo...yikes!
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