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May 30, 2000

[updated 5/2: Links removed; don't want Search Engine placement! :smile: ]

Well, I just have to share this. I just uncovered some of the old files I archived for this site (I'm an electronic pack rat)... so I've uploaded a couple of "historic" iterations of Despite the influx of new members since the Colossal Squid story broke, we have many, many "old-timers" who have been visiting for years. However, I highly doubt there's anyone here who will recognize the links below!

Lots of the links, etc., will be broken and whatnot since it obviously hasn't been maintained.

First, here's as it looked in the late 90's and early 2000, before it had anything to do with octopuses. It was, in fact, originally called "The Leading Provider of Wasted Time Online (try it and see!)". Basically, it was my site with links, plus a Webcam picture I updated every two days. I had a free science news feed (now defunct) plugged into the homepage.

The biggest attraction of this site was my Silverfish article, which is still a big hit with friends and relatives to this day. The About section is fun reading as well (for me, at least), telling about the origins of my personal Webspace in 1995. Check me out, throwing around the term "Weblog" in early 2000! :smile: So here it is:

The original

The site looked like that for years (in fact, that was the last snapshot of that site in that format, because only two days later, it became an octopus site...

**first ever** page -- launched Memorial Day, 2000. :oops: ha! I'm so embarrassed! Dig that logo. And "squid-like creatures?" hahhhahahhahah!!! Yeah, I'm "fairly studied on it"... too funny!
When I was fifteen years old, a Scutigera dropped out of a post-shower towel I'd wrapped around my waist. It landed on my foot, causing permanent damage.

Thanks for triggering my repressed memories of that episode.

Thanks a lot.

worst. creatures. ever.

Here's the earliest thing I can dig up from an old archive from my personal Website, dated Feb. 25th, 1998:

I unfortunately missed the Giant Squid special on NBC tonight... (I believe it was NBC). Please o please, did anyone tape it??? I am a big Giant Squid fan. I mean, think about it... it's just a great big old monster, swimming in the sea. It's never been filmed or captured alive. Big, scary, over-sized monster... swimming in cold, deep, desolate waters. Eating Lord knows what. It's so strange and so lonely that it keeps me up at night. So, I'm fascinated by them. Have you ever seen my link to info on Giant Squid from my Links page? Maybe I'll try to get some more, and devote a section to it. Or perhaps I'll write another essay!
Essay, in reference to that silverfish thingy...
Hi Tony

Funny that you mentioned centipedes!

In a past life myriapods were one of the animals that I had to work with on a daily basis. At the small zoo I managed we had huge African millipedes and for a while we also had a selection of African giant Centipedes called Scolopendra. Those are the real nasty ones!

Here is a link to a webpage made by a primary school that visted Tropical rainforest World when I worked there
Hah! Too funny Tony, that silverfish article is great! Of course, should I point out the obvious...? If your centipedes give you the crawlies, just think...there must've been quite a population of other critters to keep those spider-chomping top predators going... :goofysca:

Not sure, but I think I'd rather trade my spiders for your centipedes. There's a really common hunting spider down here that's nothing special to look at, but a member of the species (or very close relative) delivered an excruciating bite to me in a very sensitive area could have been worse, but 'twas bad enough I vowed to eradicate them once and for all! Instead, they mock me by sending a welcoming party of 4 or 5 to greet me at the doorstep each evening. :|


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