RESEARCH OPPORTUNITY: New Zealand Cranchiidae

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Steve O'Shea

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Nov 19, 2002
OK; heading up to that time when some of you might be considering a new Masters or PhD research topic.

I thought I'd dangle a little bait, and see if anyone is interested in looking at the New Zealand Cranchiid fauna. The collections are quite diverse (National Museum of New Zealand), and have once been reviewed by Nancy Voss, many years ago now. There have been numerous additions to the fauna since then, and a number of either new species or new geographic records (for New Zealand) exist.
Just 'bumping' this thread (the last post being nearly 3.5 years ago). Yes, I'm looking for someone that might be interested in a taxonomic research programme on New Zealand cranchiid squid. I can assure you that this will be most challenging and rewarding.
I've waited 3.5 already Heather. It all depends on who waves their hand in the air and when. It could be 20 years before somebody does this.

... almost gone (one PhD scholarship application to pass)
Lol I wish I could go so bad. I'm 13, have no way to New Zealand, and I'm only in 8th grade, so I don't have a PhD or Master's or anything lol. :frown:
Hi Mark, Lime. In less than 30 days I'll know whether this project is gone (there's a scholarship application in for it).

I do hope to be able to 'unstick' it soon, then put another online (there are endless research topics!). What happened with the eel project?
Steve O'Shea;123781 said:
.... In less than 30 days I'll know whether this project is gone (there's a scholarship application in for it)

It's now less than 9 days ..... (chews fingernails)
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