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Dec 12, 2003
In designing my octo tank I am including one, but I noticed in looking through the Octo DB that hardly anyone uses them.

What is everyone's opinion of them, royal pain, problematic, only needed for a reef, good idea?
Its causing no small amount of headachs getting it plumbed in, and I could save it for the reef tank project this summer, but if it will be useful here, then here it will stay.
Just want to see what others have to say.

Thurge (David)
Hi David,
Look in the topic right before yours (New Octo Tank Idea) - there's a discussion of deep sand beds, especially in the later postings.

my last octo tank had a refugium/sump and i think they are a good idea and will do so again in the future...anything thay adds extra water and nutrient removal is great!

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