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Red tree sponges

May 22, 2005
Been reading up on red tree sponges. They like moderate flow, and dim lighting, and they are a sessile invert with no nematocysts. Any thoughts on cephalopod compatability? I would think their light preferences would make them a rare exception to the invert rule. The only thing I can come up with would be that sponges wouldnt care for the octo's prodigious waste. Any one with any thoughts? Thanks.
just one thought and that is that they are a real bugger to keep alive for any length of time! If any part of the sponge makes contact with the air, even wehn doing the whole aclimatisation thing, it can kill them.

Never managed to keep one past about 2 months, anyone else?

got some small sponges that have come out on my live rock and am hoping they will grow?

I thought a spnge would help reduce the waste in the tank as they are a kinda filter arnt they??
Hi Scouse
yeah they are filter feeders and will to an extent help with water clarity etc but as yours have grown from the rock they have obviously travelled well and are established in your tank. Its really only if you try to add a large bought piece that they can become tricky. The big ones are a bugger to feed too.

Most live rock has sponges growing on it somewhere, especially underneath.

As live rock and the aquarium it is in matures, some sponges so flourish and then die off after time.

hello Colin,

Cheers for that mate, all makes complete sense really, my sponges are definetley growing, I had some die off not too much i dont think since the rock came froman established tank not to far away and was only out of water for a few hours.

Shame there so hard to feed i would of liked a big one in there later on...oh well maybe a big leather or something!

I put a couple of clowns in last night an they've settled really well (he says after 12 hours!!)

will get some pic's up soon!! oh an starfish is regenerating legs nicley!!

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