Nice one Melissa :biggrin2:

well i've found some but no matter what i do they wont seem to be added to the recipe page :bonk:

so im gunna plant one here for the mo.......there's 3...thai, risotto an spinach.....

hhmmm gunna give this a go an then try an sharpen me toenails on its skeleton thingy... :lol: :lol:

on another note i read that cuttlefish Sepia (ink) is used a a homopathic treatment for all kinds, how bizarre, you must have people jumpin out on them an booin to scare em an get the ink out :lol: :lol: there must be a goverment farm somewhere for this kinda stuff :lol: :lol:
sainsburys sell cuttlfish pickled in jar from time to time, i like it.. its in the seafood bit with the cockles and stuff :smile:
eh i'll have a gander in sainsburys for them, was wonderin as they had loads of cuttles in the chinese supermarket, an whoppers cooked in the windows of china town.. an fancied a taste!!

we'll see if i dont poison meself!!! :lol:

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