Really Cool New Book!!!!


Colossal Squid
Nov 19, 2002
Dunedin, New Zealand
Hi all just thought I'd tell you about this really neat new book, by a fellow PhD student down here in godzone! It's called "Deep New Zealand" and it's all about NZ's Deep water fauna (surprise, surprise!!). It has of course, a chapter on the all important cephalopods! It has super photography, some by the author Peter Batson, some sourced from all over but most by Kim Westerkov, who has won the BG Wildlife Photographer of the year competition 5 times!!! It even has a pic of one of Steves baby Archis I know this sound like an add it's not really, (welllllllllllllll yes it is!!!) It's very reasonably priced ($49.95 NZ plus P&P) If you want info on how to order drop me a line or Peter

[email protected] (I have his permission to put his address on here!!!)


Yeah, this looks cool! Here's the link to the book (not a affiliate, unfortunately, so the site doesn't profit from this particular link... :roll: )

I haven't read it, but the description alone is enough for me to endorse it. You should check it out... at the very least, it's time better spent than watching reality TV or some such, isn't it?
Just thought you'd all want to know.......Pete's book won the environment section in the recent Monata Book Awards! This is NZ's biggest book awards........pretty fanatastic for a 1st time author up against some pretty heavy competition.

Congratulations Peter!!!


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