ready for the octopus

Apr 20, 2005
I’ve just took a water test it came out

saltilinity 1.040

PH 8.5

Alk. Normal on the low side

Nitrite 0

Nitrate 0

Ammonia .25

Is this good for a pygmy octopus? I might get a couple fiddler crabs today not sure. I’m going to get a few pictures today. Also I going to call around ware I live to see if anyone has a pygmy octopus. Maybe I'll go up to the fish market or bait shop and get some food for my future octopus. I’ve seen a lot of people using red lights for there pygmy octopus because it can’t see red light. is this true? I now most pygmy octopus are nocturnal but this would make my tank look weird.
Is your tank still cycling? The numbers almost suggest that it has just started. If so, changing the water will just make the situation worse.

Clownfish, will you please report on the history of your tank. I'm not clear either when you started this tank. Also, do you have live rock?

Your water parameters aren't quite there. Not only is the ammonia high, but the sg is too high, should be 1.026 and even your pH is a little high. You may have mixed up too much salt in your RO water.

You need to get your water in perfect shape before considering an octopus. As for the fiddler crabs, they can be kept in a shallow bowl with some rock for them to climb out on surrounded by water - you can mix 1/2 salt water and 1/2 RO or distilled water for their water. That way they don't have to go into your tank, but you'll have to change the water every couple of days.

Slow down and take the time to get everything in your tank right.

Ok my tank started out as a fresh water tank then I decided that I should turn it into a marine tank. So put the 2 fish that wore in there into my other 10 gallon tank. I put all my marine salt in it (5 gallons worth). I latter added 1/2 an inch of sand from past trips to beaches (I cleaned it before I put it in my tank). there was a 18 watt bulb over it. I went to my local pet store and got a bio wheel filter, more salt, and 3 damsels. In 3 days 1 of them died but the rest flourished. 1 month later I got a yellow tang and a clownfish. About 2 week later I got a protein skimmer, another 18 watt light, and a test kit. My bio wheel died so I had to buy canister filter. In 3 weeks all died except the yellow tang. The tank had been cycling for 1 month when it was fresh.
3 weeks. The stuff that had the bacteria was put in the canister filter until It fell apart. Then my tang died because the water went up to much. He would lie on its side until I nudged. No live rock and I’m building a sump.
I don't think so!

Hello clownfish!

You should get your tank up and running before adding ANY animals to it. This may take up to three months of patience, perhaps even more. Putting an octo into that tank is certainly not a good idea, octopus Chernobyl is a very fitting description...

Don't put anything into it now, get the basic parameters straightened out (like salinity, PH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, etc.). Wait for the algae phase to go by, then add some hermit crabs etc. to it.

If you are reasonable, then the octo is at least 6 months away from where you are now. Remember: It is a live animal, not a toy. You have to give it the best you can!

And: Get a good book on how to set up a marine tank and/or read some comprehensive how-tos on the web. You seem to lack some basic knowledge of marine reefkeeping. Sorry for these harsh words, but your SG suggests that you have not met one of the most basic criteria of a saltwater tank.
I think you should drain the tank, buy a few books, read said books, wait a few years, read said books again, then try to set up a saltwater aquarium right.

Hi Clownfish,

Yes, you have some way to go before your tank will be ready for an octopus but we'll stand by to help you.

I have another request - please give us more details about your set up so we good picture of it. What brand canister filter and protein skimmer do you have? What brand of salt are you using? What is "the stuff that had the bacteria"?

In the meantime, enjoy your fiddler crabs when they arrive. You can feed them flakes (like Ocean Nutrition Formula One) and they like other things like fresh strawberries and lettuce. They also like popcorn (air popped, no butter or salt).

I have a fuluva canaster filter and a red sea protien skimmer. what books would you recomend I suscribe to 2 fish magazines, have read atleast 4 books on aquariums

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