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Mar 15, 2003
H.P.Lovecraft’s Reader’s Digest Versions:

At The Mountains of Madness:
Scary Mountains hung in the frostbitten skyline of Antarctica. The holes in the mountains made whistling sounds. Ancient alien beings have come back to life, and killed off the entire expedition ! Oh no !

The Colour out of Space:
Meteor. Falling. Hits the water supply of a small town, and now infects everyone who drinks the water with an alien spore that has an alien colour. Nuff said.

The Dunwich Horror:
Old crazy man invites a space being to impregnate his daughter. She has two kids, and one of them is invisible. The visible one tries to open up an alien gate, but gets caught by some professors from the nearby university and dies. The other invisible one is sprayed by the same vengeful docs, and dies. The world is safe again.

The Call of Cthulhu:
It turns out that all of mankind’s dreams are generated by a giant space octopus. Luckily, the worshipers of this gso are inbred and illiterate, so they really screw up one of the major alignment of the stars, and Cthulhu is once again stuck in his uptown loft in R’lyeh.

The Shadow out of Time:
Another crazy professor gets his brain sucked out and transported back in time. He comes back eventually.


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Nov 20, 2002
Hey, this is a pretty good summary in two or three lines!

(And the full-length originals are worth reading.)