Ramsey Campbell


Sep 26, 2005
Well here's a thread dedicated to one of the British Mythos contributors.

I've just ordered an old copy of "Cold Print" so am eagerly awaiting that, while reading the Tower of Yuggoth in the Alone with the Horrorrs. One question I have though is is this one of his first stories? Given that he's completely way off- his character was born in 1879 and yet he's only 18 in 1913, or 1916 (can't quite remember) or is his stuff always this poorly thought-out? I thought Cold Print was a fantastic story when I read it in a compilation, but that age thing was annoying me a bit.:lol:
Ramsey Campbell is always a little off that way, but his stories are golden. Also check out the modern yank T.E.D. Klein. Dark Gods is a phenomenal collection, most famously "Black Man With a Horn".
I might have thst story in Cthulhu 2000! It's worth reading yes? As I say, Cold Print was a superb story and I can't wait to finally get a hold of stories like The Inhabitant of the Lake and the Insects From Shaggai. It's refreshing to see Mythos stories being conducted in Britain, like Rising with Surtsey which was in Wales, correct? Just wonder if there are any in Scotland. Maybe I should write some, based on local folklore :lol:

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