Radio Free Cthulhu

Thanks! FWI: you need to click on "click here" to download the mp3. Have to thank Toren a ton, and the other bands that are sending in music...much, much, much more to come.
Holy Toledo, dude!

After I'm done with my stupid novel, I'm so driving up there to record stuff in person. I don't even remember those clips I recorded that you used, but what the hey - great podcast! Seriously! You rule, dude.

Cthulhu Rules...I am just a mouthpiece.

BBQ coming up...could we pull another fun time out of our hat? I am thinking having everyone recite bits from different stories. With Margaritas, of course...
Today's episode caps up the weekend's news, and a full version of Tentacle Craft's "Cthulhu" !
tonmo;95699 said:
Just listened to the whole thing -- funny and entertaining. Make sure you add it to iTunes and I'll subscribe!

Looking into that...if you have any info, let me know, about how to do that...hey, I am a newbie to the internet thingymobob.
I have been told that clicking on the RSS feed logo will allow you to subscribe (the red wave logo on the right)...?
If you have missed some of this week, be sure to do yourself a favour, and check out today's (the 8th) episode...featuring a great new track by Darkest of the Hillside Thickets in tribute to our wonderful friends at sea !

In the news: Paris is frightened by odd angled walls, the Sea Stallion sets sail to rape and plunder Ireland, Dexter Carter spotted in Tennessee, and we have a cast and crew coming on board to do some wonderful vintage radio broadcasts...all revolving around Cthulhu, of course!
Thanks Monty...that really does make it simple ! Hope you liked Toren's newest got my toes a-tappin' !

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