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Question with my new cuttlefish...

Feb 15, 2008
I work at a LFS and they ordered cuttle eggs but instead they got baby cuttles.They wanted the eggs because they were'nt going to get mysis for another week. They got three but two died. I took the last one and have him in a net breeder in my seahorse tank. He is really small...pea sized actually.

My question is about food. I have a small population of mysis in my other tank. I gave him about 15 of those and offered about 15 amphipods. I did not see him eat the mysis but its gone. Will he go for the pods?What other food should I try?I have guppy fry in my fw tank..(Yes I know I have a lot of tanks)Should I offer the guppy?

Thanks so much-Blake
:welcome: to TONMO. I'm not sure at what age/size they eat what food, but if he's eating the mysids, that's probably a good start. Hopefully some of the folks who have raised them from eggs will chime in soon... you might want to look for the answer in some of the "cuttlefish care" or "journals and photos" since a number of people have documented raising bandensis from eggs, and some have described the diets that worked well.
At 'pea sized' it should be bandensis but time will tell...

Ideally get more mysis for feeding the cuttlefish but it will eat the amphipods too, a LOT of them!

What do you feed the seahorses? Is that what you have mysis for? Just need to get bucket loads of them :smile:

Keep us up to date

I put some mysis in my other tank about 3 months ago and they reproduce like crazy back there.I don't have a lot though...It takes about thirty min. just to get 20.I need a brine shrimp net.Is there any place in the chicagoland area that would sell brine shrimp nets? I'm using a turkey baster. He's not really active...Spent the whole night in one place.Is that normal? He changes color though to. He was red when I woke up.

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