Sep 1, 2012
thought i'd show off these cool new Speedwave variable speed pumps i just pict up last weak, the bigger one(2640gph [email protected]) will power my new cheph system with two 65g's and a 45 hex tank all feeding into a 55g sump, the pump will feed into a manifold with seperate valves for each tank and an alge turf scruber.
i'm prety excited about these pumps mostly becouse theyr going to replace 2 mag12 pumps that draw 110watts each cuting the biggest power draw from my tanks by around 60%(the 2640gph pump only needs 40w to pump as much as the mag12).
i'm not shure how much ill realy use the speed controle after inital setup but i like the idea of dialing back the power to reduce flow instead of just closing the pump off with a ball valve.
the pump controler also has a feed button that shuts off the pump for 10min then restarts in automaticly, i'm not shure how this would work with alot of sump/skimmer setups(like mine) i have seen wear the water level rises in the sump when the return pump shuts off, this might cause the skimmer to overflow whenever the feed button is pushed so i'm not shure if this feature is of any use to me but it would definetly be handy to have in some aplications.
as for quality these pumps seem to be prety solid and well made, the finned part of the body is powdercoated aluminum so i will be keeping an eye on it and inspecting them frequently for corotion. my only ishue so far is the way everything was stufft into the box some of the wires wer prety badly kinked wich may effect their longevity in the future
while i was shoping around for these pumps i found 3 defferent versions of this pump with three different prices but the fact is they are all made in the same factory in china with a different name on the box, i'm shure the reef octopuss diablo pumps will come in a nicer box with some styrofoam packing but i don't think thats worth the extra $70 in the price
speedwave dc5000 [email protected] max $159. dc10000 2640gph @85w max $199


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Sep 4, 2006
LOL, I was getting ready to add a new cephalopod to our keepers' list from your title :biggrin2:. Be sure to follow up on how you like them as pumps are always a PITA when choosing one and a lower priced, lower wattage critter is nice to find.

The aluminum should be fine but I recently had a problem with an old pump that I use in my mixing tank. I kept seeing a residue in the tank and sticking to the walls and could not trace the source. I finally pulled apart the pump and found that it was rusting from the inside. It was hard to isolate where the rust originated. We saw rust on the impeller shaft but suspect internal problems as well. The pump was over 5 years old and had been retired from everyday use a couple of years ago the put in service as a mixing pump.