[Culture & Entertainment] Psychic octopus killed for food


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Oct 15, 2005
From David Pescovitz:


Rabio, the psychic octopus that predicted Japan's World Cup win against Colombia, draw with Senegal, and loss to Poland, has been killed and sent to the fish market. From The Telegraph:

Kimio Abe, the fisherman who captured Rabiot, placed the octopus in a tank with three baskets of food representing a victory for Japan, a defeat or a draw...​
“I was happy that Japan was able to qualify for the knock-out stages”, Mr Abe told the Mainichi newspaper, although the octopus’ run of form had not been enough to save it.​
Concluding that his business was more important than Rabiot’s predictions, Mr Abe said Rabiot had been “shipped” - a euphemism for gutted and sold.​

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