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Power Failure - What to do

I think the common brand name is Fish or Shrimp "buddies" I have used them once to transport shrimp but a battery backed up air pump is a better way to go and we usually bring a battery operated pump with us when we know we will be taking home live octo food.
I wouldn't really trust any kind of oxygen tablet - there is no way to know what it is adding or how quickly it gets used up (unless you have a DO meter). IIRC there is some issue with using them in saltwater as well, but I can only find one instance of them on line. You are going to be much better off with a battery powered air pump.
Wafflez777;193380 said:
How many air pumps should I have for a bimac?

I bought a couple of cheap emergency air pumps (Penn-Plax "Silent-Air" B11) that run on D-Batteries, detect when the AC power goes out, and kick on if/when it does. They've proven to be enough for even a 12 hour power outage.

For non-emergencies...
I use a wet/dry trickle filter (with an open top) for my bio-filtration, so my water is always fully oxygenated, even though my tank has a full acrylic cover (to prevent escapes).
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