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potential tankmate? and let's all install bubblers!!!


Jan 19, 2004
last weekend I was in a German public aquarium.

they had an octo. the card said vulgaris, but I think it's another species. I took some pics, when they're developed, I'll post them to get your opinion.

anyway this octo was kept together with a fish, Ctenolabrus rupestris. apparently this went well. they seemed to leave eachother alone. at least the hour and a half I spent in front of the tank. :lol:

second part of the subject. in that particular octo tank they had a bubbler installed. The octo went over there every 10 to 15 minutes and hung above the bubbles. he seemed to like it a lot!!!!!! :jester:
what size was the tank Dragon???

maybe the fish was food and the octo just wasnt hungry :smile:
Bubblers seem to be very popular. Didn't Debbie's Sam take the bubbler into her den? And Ollie didn't have a bubbler, but she liked to position herself over the inflow pipe and let it blow against her so that it inflated her arms with water. What fun!

I also enjoy the activity with the bubbler in my invertebrate tank. The cleaner shrimp rides the bubbles to to the top, like an elevator. And the hermit crab likes to fill his shell with bubbles.

tank size was approximately 70cm wide, 80cm deep and 80cm high.

lots of hidingplaces.

I don't think the fish was food. it was mentioned on the exhibit sign. at least, I wouldn't put feederfish on there.

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