Portland, Oregon


Dec 25, 2002
Hello, are there any other Portlanders out there? I'd really like to have an up-close-and-personal interaction with an octopus, but I don't have the space or the fortitude to actually keep one myself. I'm hoping there's a friendly ceph-keeper in town who wouldn't mind me stopping by for a visit. Do you exist?

Tonmo's such a friendly place I'm sure any of us closeby would love to help you out...I would, for instance, but being in Illinois I suppose I'm just a LITTLE bit out of your way...that, and Gollum's not really the sociable type...and my place is a mess...hm... :P As you may have guessed, we're also fun-loving. (check out the groaners thread in the Cephalofun section!) :biggrin2:

Seriously, though...sure you can't keep one? You're not the only one here who would want an octo but can only manage it on a tight budget. I can't say for sure, but I have a hunch you could maybe get away with a 10-15 gallon tank and a very small pygmy octo like mercatoris, as is being discussed in a couple other threads. An Eclipse 12 gallon tank can be had for under $100, and it includes everything you'd need (equipment-wise) except for a small skimmer in a nice, compact, integrated package. You could prolly put together the other necessaries for roughly $100 as well...salt, a bit of sand, test kits (main expense). Possibly a little live rock if you can afford it...ReefCentral has some info on keeping microreefs. The Eclipse tank can sit on a table or desktop... It'd probably be a bit more challenging to do a small tank, but...might be easier than you're afraid of...

(:twisted: Bad Rusty! Trying to hook an innocent soul on octokeeping!)

You make it sound so simple. And I bet the first one is free, right, until I'm hooked? So tell me, do you snort an octopus, or do you freebase it?

Andrea :wink:
Well, I'm a Humboldt County yokel a couple of hours south of you (two hours south of Crescent City and Brookings), so hello from a "local"!

Sorry, but no octos here yet... I'm planning to plant a colony of Triops in a tank and see if I can modify their behavior from vernal pool to constant water. Oh, these little creatures are three eyed crustaceans from the Order Notostraca, if you're a taxonomist.

Well, baby's crying, and I must feed him.... take care!

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