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poisonus octos

Hi Ant, Welcome to TONMO.com :smile:

I see you have posted several times but I'll just start here :smile:

By skin, I take it you mean your skin? In theory all octopuses should be able to bite us. They have a tough sharp beak. However, I have never had my skin broken. Then again, I like to think i have been quite sensible most of the time :smile:

I have given octopuses and cuttlefish that I have kept as pets, every opportunity and some have tried to bite and felt like a scratch or nip.

If they do bite and break skin it will possibly be sore depending on species
may be as bad as a wasp sting?

You need to use your own discretion and common sense if putting yourself in front of a live octopuses beak! Different people have different reactions.

All octopuses are venemous, they use that to kill their prey. They are not poisonous. A poisonous thing is something you can't eat and many people eat octopuses.

Octos and cuttles can definitely break through the skin, since Zoidberg was able to scratch my nail with his skin.

I remember theres a post about one of our members being bitten by a certain octopus which led to temporary paralysis of his arm or finger.

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