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please post any thing and everything


May 26, 2004
Hi my name is kevin and i work at an southern california aquarium with octopus and me and some friends are looking to start a breeding program but we need some info. Any and all info would be appreciated
:mrgreen: :cyclops:
:welcome: to TONMO.com!!

MAybe you could list out all you questions, it would be easier for us to answer that way. :smile: Well, to start off, any idea on the species you are intending to breed?

Btw- You're the first person I've seen to have the same avatar as me :biggrin2: hehe.
well we thought it was californicus but now we are thinking that they are rubescens(?) because of a green spot under the eye and a more rounded mantle. Questions: first off we would like to know if anyone has ever breed this species before, second if there were any special tank situations we'd like to know, also we have a semi limited space and a limited budget so any ideas for a tank setup would be greatly appreciated, also any general info
Thanx :biggrin2: :mrgreen: :heee:
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