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Playing with Otto [retitled from "HEY!!"]


O. bimaculoides
Jan 11, 2006
I just had the coolest experience with my octopus!

My wife and I sat and watched as he was entertaining. He would hide and then come out to look at us. Finally he came out on the glass and sat in front of us looking at us. We played with him until I finally scared him away due to the fact that I was literally playing with his arm. Cool why??? He let me. it was bizarre as if he was playing with my finger to see what I felt like as much I was doing the same.

I don't think he is dying at all I just think he was waiting for me to figure him out.
I thought I would update on how Otto is doing. I just got back from Florida and he was out and about still kicking and still thriving. He seems no sign of slowing down. The tank looked a bit like a mussel graveyard as I threw in 7 for him while I was away (live). All torn apart. He must have gotten bored though as the Spiny urchin has lego and bioballs stuck to him.

I wonder how long i will get to have this guy? It has been 5 or so months
rudy;93515 said:
He must have gotten bored though as the Spiny urchin has lego and bioballs stuck to him.

Actually it's likely your urchin did this itself! It's a behaviour called "hatting" they use their sucker feet and pedicellaria (nippers) to hold objects (usually pebbles, seaweed etc) on top of themselves. Not sure why because often they pick stuff that won't act as camouflage....weird!

My pin cushions pick up anything that is not firmly planted. I have a feather duster that does not attach it self to rock and is continually being moved around the tank. It will ride and still feed normally and has been surviving this way for over two years. Unfortunately, it is currently behind a rock and is not accessable so I will have to wait for one of the urchins to pick it up again before I can put it in yet another place.
Interesting how Otto makes the dark stripe that runs up and down his head.
My octo makes very similar markings when he is in the front area of his tank.
What species is Otto?
With arms like that, I am almost certain that's an A. Aculeatus.....they are known for their exceptionally long arms in comparison to their body. If I recall [and I don't have any experience with them], Briarius tends to be a more reclusive species as well. :smile:
yeah if mine (CA 2-spot) is up at the top of the tank and i stick my finger in, he'll grab it with the webbed part of his tentacles and pull...then when he realizes he can't pull me in the tank, he lets go. if i keep touching him he'll keep grabbing hold and trying to pull.

the tug-of-war w/octos is a totally cool benefit of having one as a pet!
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