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Planning to give a 4-6 speech on Color-change in Cephalopods


Blue Ring
Aug 16, 2010
Hello everyone,

I plan on giving a short 4-6 min. speech on color change in cephalopods. This is for a gen. ed. speech class at the college level. I plan on having an intro slide on cephalopods in general, then one about chromatophores, followed by a slide on camouflage, a slide on defensive behavior like flamboyant display and deimatic behavior, a slide on intraspecies communication, specifically I want to talk about how cephalopods like Sepioteuthis can communicate to two conspecifics simultaneously, and finally a simple conclusion. This is a pretty simple speech, where I am going to mix a little ceph jargon with laymen's terms. I really want to show case excellent multimedia.

So here is my request. Although I have a number of pictures in mind, I was wondering if anyone had some good ones that you think would work nicely in my slide. I know many of you have more access to ceph multimedia, so any images or just advice or comments would be helpful.


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