Pixel the Octopus

Mar 31, 2003
I just got my first octopus, a tank-raied Bimac from the people at fishsupply.com. I added my tank to the database, so you can look up information there.

I wanted to thank everyone here at TONMO.com for the helpful advice. I have been lurking for many months and have learned an awful lot.
Welcome to Tonmo, even if you have been lurking for some time. And a big welcome for Pixel, too - hope you can post some pics for us over on Ceph Care, too.

And we're always glad to hear that you found the message board useful in preparing to get your octopus.


The live rock is being held up by the PVC pipe seen in the picture. Pixel is hanging off the bottom at his favorite eating spot (there are about ten empty clam shells right below that location now)

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