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pix of our octo tank


O. vulgaris
Feb 7, 2004
This is my and my son's soon to be octo tank, i have a 90 gal that im getting ready to set up as well i built the canopy and lighting sys. myself. i have a dyi wave maker that cycles evry 30 seconds thats hooked up to a sieo 1100 (NICE SURGES) i might add! 20-25 lbs of live rock, just a simple prizm skimmer that works very well. and Tahiti black sand, and various snails and hermits that will be sacrificed to the OctoGods! enjoy, and comments and such are more than welcome:tomato:
Here you go... (I had no trouble with these -- make sure you choose the Manage Attachments button when you "go advanced" in your reply... then make sure you choose the correct files from your PC (.jpg files in this case), then click the Upload button and wait a bit for the files to upload.


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