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Pics for Matt


TONMO Supporter
Nov 14, 2002
Hi matt

still getting used to this new camera so the pics are a bit dark, and em... I had a bottle of red just before it too, so the pics aren't the best :P

I will try and clean them up later but for now......
Always enjoy seeing photos of your tanks, how they're set up and what you do with the live rock. But now I'm curious - what's the purpose of the interlocking rings hanging in the larger tank? Are they for seahorses?

LOLOL :lol:
yeah i should have mentioned them!

Those are rings made out of cut piecies of airline that we use for the seahorses to hang onto. It actually turned out to be their favourte spot for hanging out when the want fed.

M has actually went to the stage that all she does it put the food into the net and put the net in the tank. The two seahorses and the two scooter blennies swim straight into the net and fill up on mysis and artemia before swimming out again. She can even feed the 'horses by hand now.

I also got a MPG of the scooter blennies spawning, they were swimming fin in fin and circling the tank... really nice to see as only a few months ago the male was a 'rescue'... I didnt actually think he would survive but he was nursed back.
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