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Jan 6, 2005
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The genus Pholidoteuthis contains two species (possibly more), which like in the deep-sea. They are called "scaled squid" due to their identifying feature: "dermal cushions" (or texture) found on their skin. They are fairly large squid (over a meter total length).

Pholidoteuthis adami

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Hey Cairnos

As far as I can tell, coffee-bean scaled squid seems to be as good a name as any! Many of the lesser known mesopelagic squid don't have common names, so if you found that one, feel free to use it. In general, any species of pholidoteuthis is usually just referred to as a 'scaled squid' (I guess if you want to distinguish between the shapes of the dermal cushions, that is up to you!)

Just as long as we don't start squabbling over how dark the roast of the coffee beans are! :wink:
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