Phil's PC = RIP but Xmas spirit lives!!!


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Nov 14, 2002
Maybe i should write headlines for tabloid press????

Phil sent me a text message today to ask if I could pass on the message that his PC is not working for the time being. He has a technician coming on Monday to check it out, but worst case scenario is that he may be offline until January...

However, he has asked me to send on some cheer to you and wish you all a very merry christmas and happy new year!!!

If anything important comes up i can get in touch with Phil for you...

Well, one new motherboard later and we're back in business. I thought it would not get fixed until January, but luckily a clever techno-chap came round and fixed the computer today.

I've got 255 messages to catch up on; I'd better book the next week off!
cthulhu77 said:
Thought I hadn't been insulted in a while...oh, wait, there's Clem.
(Gets out of bed, shuffles to computer. Punches time clock. Cracks knuckles.)

When you walk into Auto Zone, do people ever try to buy your head?

(Sips coffee. Punches out.)

Actually, yes, they do. I have lustrous curly blonde hair (yeah, it's going grey...yours would too if you had to put up with this) that lends itself to cleaning the wax of many a car.
(note:post was edited due to content)
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