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pharaoh cuttlefish

Dec 14, 2007
Why is it that you never hear of the pharoah cuttlefish in the pet traade, is it hard to keep, what tempurature does it need, id it hard to breed, Ive heard they lay 1500 eggs, is that true, and if so how many would hatch and survive?


Sepia elegans
Staff member
Feb 1, 2007
Sepia pharaonis can grow larger and will also grow much quicker due to the increased temperature requirements. As a result, S. pharaonis tend to require more food, have shorter life spans, etc. Sepia officinalis can also grow large but rarely do unless in solitary confinement. Sepia officinalis are kept at much cooler temperatures which means a slower growth rate, and a longer life span etc.

As far as reproduction, I would say that both require similar husbandry in that regards and one is not more difficult to breed than another.

I am not sure if that really answers your question but I am sure that life span may play a role in that regard; six months is much different than 12-18 months.