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Pgmy Octo


Jan 29, 2003
I am in the market for a pygmy octopus. Does anyone know a place online I can order one from? Also, what is the scientific name of this species? Thank you!
I have a pigmy octopus I would part with but I'm in new york were are you from ?
It's a nice little octo but only comes out when the lights go out I turn on a red light and I can wach it the red light doesnt bother it

Thanx for the offer, but I'm in Utah and I 'm afraid the little guy would become to stressed from all the traveling. But I would like to know more about your experience! How old is he? How long have u had him? How has your experience been? Do you have a picture? Why do you want to part with him? Thanks!
Hi Beckalexis

Well as far as my pigmy it died two days ago I felt so bad waching it move around by forcing water thru its mantle crashing into everything its legs couldnt move and a fiddler crab was starting to eat it .

It was a cute little thing but only came out at night . The only way to see it was with red light any other light it would run for cover . With the red light you couldnt see the little bursts of color changing in it .

I read somewhere in this forum about not getting pigmys because they can be full grown at only a couple of inches with days left to live but that was all I could find in stock and after waiting for my tank to set up I couldnt wait to get something in there I ngot lucky it lived one month it seems like I got it a week ago .

I have a 72 gallon tank so I divided it and bought another octo a week after the pigmy this one is a vulgaris I think but is very shy now wthat the pigmy died I ordered a bimac from fishsupply.com and got it today it is great it ate as soon as I took it out of the bag it dosnt seem as shy as the others and its colors are beautiful its only been 4 hours since I got it and I am so glad I did .
by the way I got a call from thatfishplace.com they have pigmys in stock for $19 the shipping will probably cost more than $20 whenever I called them I got an answering machine but they call me back the next day I belive they are in PA

Hi Manny

Congratulations on your two new octo's!!! Was it Gollum that passed away or am I confused? Anyway, sorry to hear but that's wonderful you have your new ones! I am so itching for another octopus! Hermin is doing wonderfully! Getting big!

Carol :smile:
I have seen the ones at that pet place. I did not have time to look them over very well, but they are nice. Only about the size of a quarter.
BTW yep here in lancaster PA

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