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Perplexing octopus behavious - help needed!

Johan L

Apr 15, 2015
Thanks! Now when I (kind of) know that species it is (or species group, at least) I realize that there are definitely room for improvements in my tank (for instance, the sand is too coarse and I also have more of a reef environment than the sandy bottoms preferred by sand octopuses - after all, I bought it as a 'reef octopus')... Anyway, it has eaten again tonight (another crab), so hopefully it will get adjusted eventually. Still strange though why there was no sign of he/she/it for almost a week (in any event, I am pleased to see that it, for now at least, seem to be back in business :smile: )


Feb 9, 2008
Really glad it ate again Johan! Nocturnal species can be very tough, makes owners question if theres any life in there tank after a while lol! From Sweden...any chance your an Opeth fan :biggrin2: I've seen Mikael live many times, very, very good