Pygmy Octopus
May 21, 2003
So I had the most interaction with The Pope yesterday that I've had so far. I was walking though the room where the tank is, and saw him out moving about. I turned the room light on and went to observe him. He froze where he was, and turned a bit white, to match the sand he was on. I sat down in front of the tank, and turned around to put the drink I had on the tabel. When I turned around again, he had moved about 4 inces and was brown, but then stopped again, crouched down, and turnded white again, and froze. So I turned around again for about 20 seconds, and sure enough, he had moved closer to me again, but then stopped when I faced him again. He didn't turn as light after that, but this continued for almost 10 minuts. It finaly stoped when I turned around the last time, and he had pounced on a turbo snale that was in his path. I've had him for a few weeks now, and I know he isn't frightened by my presance. He may have originally been on the hunt, but wasn't any where near the snale when this started. Do you think he may actually have been playing? Has any one else had this type of interaction?
That's interesting! Reminds me of watching my dog as a kid when he used to stalk rabbits. He'd move extremely slowly, and when there was any twitch or movement he'd absolutely freeze. At a time determined by him (or the rabbit, it was always too fast to tell) he'd take off with a bang. He would usually fail to catch them, which made the experience quite enjoyable! But a few times... :shock:

So maybe your octo was super-sensitive to any movement as he was stalking the snail? Interesting anecdote, thanks for sharing.
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