Otto the octopus


O. bimaculoides
Jan 11, 2006
I have a couple of short vids of my buddy in in my 75

Thankfully he survived the accidental tank switch with a bit of a cycle. He is eating great, and has such a cool personality which seems to only get better. His name is otto as my wife knew a bag pipe player in her school with the same name. Otto has a thing with looking at you with his head up and then flipping over while looking at you. It is really bizarre and looks like he is playing the bag pipes with his breathing tube. Based on his size can anybody tell me how old he would be?
I love the "sound effects" in the one video!:wink: He's very cute, looks young but what species do you think he is? I've had several that size that ended up being adults. Hopefully you have a young one! Best of luck with him!


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