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Opdate on crazy carl

Nov 8, 2004
i have had crazy carl in my octo tank for about 7 months now. he is pry about 9 months old. he is getting pretty big. i hand feed him every day and even for a nocturnal species he comes out in the day about 4-7 hours every day and out all night. i have some 60 second videos of him but i dont know how to load them on here. he is rather large now and has a rather destinctive personality. even for my first octo. if you have any questions about him let me know please or any advice on toys or way to work his mind mentally. his mantle length is about 4 inches long and arms are about 18 inches give or take and inch either way. all of my friends love him but the octo tank is my favorite for sure it is also the head board of my queen sized bed. not bad for a 19 year old jeweler.
Congratulations on keeping Carl so long!

I see from the List of Our Octopuses that Carl is a briareus. We have several other people keeping that species now, too. Briareus seem to be good candidates for a home aquarium.

If you write to Tony, I am sure he can help you with the video bit...glad to hear you are having such a great experience !
i woke up and there are eggs now. so that means 1-3 months and she will be deceased. but i recently got another octo from a pet store i went to. they dont know what species he/she is. it is a redish color. but small. pry only a few months old. he ius in my 29 gallon now until crazy carla passes on. let me know if u know what species he might be. mostly red color but can change colors.
Hey, I noticed that you live in Ohio along with me. Would you mind telling me the store that you got your Octopus from? I am in search of a local store, so I dont have to order online. Thanks!

BTW, congrats on your new Octopus. If it is a redish color, the first thing that comes to my mind is an O. Vulgaris. Which get to be very large. But I may be wrong. Who knows, lol!
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