On the Prowl Again!

Sep 25, 2004
:grin: It's summer on Oahu! Scools out, suns shining, the ocean is calm, and the Gleeful shouts of the Octopus mass murdering squid pokers can be heard echoeing throughout the island! There is only one problem... The later is not true, and I'm looking to get in on the octo catching action! The local point has been picked clean of all octo life and I'm at a loss as to where to begin my hunt! Any idea on what would be the best recource for finding octos in on oahu shallows? The reason I need to go in shallows is because I failed getting my scuba liscence (i got sea sick, and I'm deathly afraid to ty again! Crazy dive instructors want me to dive in deep murky water at dusk! HA!) Ive tried lots of internet searches like Octopus hunting spots on Oahu or Favorite Squid Poking sites but came up with nothing but ways to preapre octos (involves droppinf octo into a wok full of beer and ur done lol :beer: ) or scuba diving cruises! Any suggestions?

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