Ollie Update: the Barnacle and the Bioball


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Nov 20, 2002
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I'm beginning to think each of our bimacs has its own personality.

Ollie loved a new barnacle I added to the tank - he was right on it, sticking his arms in it and holding it. He liked it so much he took it back to his den. He had done the same with a small cork.

Ollie didn't think much of the bioball, however. I let the bioball float on the surface of the water, and he observed it with big eyes for about 15 minutes before going up the tank wall and reaching out one arm. As soon as he felt it and knew it was plastic (or at least, not edible!) he lost all interest.

Anyway, here's a recent Ollie pic.

Hi Nancy!

Nother great picture! Not only do they seem so different in personality, but the look of them. I see differences in all the photos, physically!


Vader lives in a plastic barnacle and moves around to each of the four chambers throughout the day. He also usually eats his food inside one of them as well. Unfortunately, yesterday he couldn't wait for me to feed him and while I was at work, he ate one of my two conchs. :frown: These conchs were about three inches long, so they are about the same size as him. I feed him everyday, so he is not starving and yet... I'm pretty sure the other's one days are numbered, as are my two turbo snails. He has tried to eat them several times already, but has not been able to get past their "door". I suspect it is only a matter of time. This one is an eating/killing machine. :biggrin2: The only safe inhabitants are the urchin, starfish and sea cucumuber. By the way, how old do you think our octo siblings are?
Hi Gayla,

Bioballs are small spiked plastic balls (mine are about 1 1/4" in diameter and bright blue). They are used as the biomedia in wet/dry filters, which many of us have, and provide a surface for growing bacteria.

I have some extra ones and decided to try one out as a floating toy for Ollie, like some of the other bimac keepers have done.

Unfortunately, it wasn't a huge success!

Hey All:

Nancy, Tralfaz has also lost alll interest in the bio-balls. That is a great pic. I see That Ollie is showing some of the same coloration as Tralfaz. The orange/brown spots and "eyebrows". Tralfaz seems to flash these colors when hunting (or begging). I'm curious, does Ollie seem to use different color patterns in different situations as well??

Hi George and all,

Yes, Ollie uses different color patterns in different situations, but I haven't been able to figure them all out yet. The pattern in the photo is when he's out and about, hunting or exploring or even greeting.

It would be very interesting if we would all observe these color patterns carefully and try to figure out the significance. Sometimes they seem to be an attempt to blend in with the environment (Ollie's "sand color") other times they seem to reflect activity or emotion.

I'm surprised at the range of colors and the number of different patterns and textures I see in a day. Recently Ollie did purple (I have light and dark purples in the coralline algae), which I thought he couldn't do!


COOL 8) . you should try to get a picture of that. The weirdest pattern or color Tralfaz has done is the "joker face" (as I believe John calls it) Half of his body was black and the other half was almost white. Weird!
The Joker...back before we all got into octos, that's what some off the other members like Cephalopoder called it. I guess all of us new folks drove the original members away. :lol: I guess it's like pretending to be tough or mad when you stand up to someone (the black half) but your still hiding that your a little scared (the white half). Anyone else have an interpretation of why and octo would divide itself into two colors?
2 Points LOL!

1st, yeah WhiteKiboko i seen that one, Voyager wasn't it? That was my fav trekkie series!

2nd Would the octopus 1/2 in 1/2 not be the other batman villain called Two Face? The joker just was kinda smiley but Two Face had the half and half thing?????? I mentioned this to Nancy a while back and said i would bring it up next time it was mentioned...... http://www.reelartgallery.com/pages/b/batman_forever_two-face.html

why do i think of these things?

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