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May 30, 2000
Newbie Questions|esp|
Hi everyone,
I've been thinking about a pet octopus for a while. I've never had more than a few goldfish, so this aquarium stuff is all very new to me. I've been reading posts/articles here and have learned alot. I've got some preety basic questions.

1. I know I need a tank of at least 30 gallons, I think I'm probably going to try to find a used one between 50 and 100 gallons, maybe even 125. What kind of prices am I going to be looking at for a filtering/heating setup ? Is there anything I should avoid because I will have an octopus and not normal fish?

2. What kind of care does a tank this large require? How often do you have to change the water, or completely drain the tank for cleaning?

3. After I age the tank, what are some trusted sites to buy octupi from? Does anyone have any expriences they could offer from buying them online?

Im sure I'll think of more questions later... Glad there is a community out there about keeping theese fascinating creatures as pets.

Re: Newbie Questions|octomonkey|
Hi Ryan, thats a lot of questions to answer on just a reply on the forum :) I'm afraid that there is going to be a LOT of reading done on your part and a LOT of research before you can keep an octo alive in an aquarium.

Dont be put off because it can be done from scratch without having kept a marine aquarium before but it will be tricky at some points. And it is something that takes time so be patient.

I will answer your questions as best I can but there will be a lot of meat still to add to the bones around the info given. Perhaps you could invest into a good marine aquarium guidebook?

Bigger is always better as far as aquariums are concerned! SO get the biggest you can accomodate/afford! A second hand tank may bring problems.... EG it may have had copper used in it int he past to control fish diseases which will kill a ceph even in small amounts and you have no guarantee its going to hold water in the first place :)

The tank maintenance for me is probably about 1 hour a week but i spend a lot of time watching my tanks and doing stuff as i go along. I never empty tanks all together. Normally a small 10% water change every few weeks. You will need to research a lot on tank equipment...

There are several sites that sell octopuses online.... are you in the US? I can tell you more from there.....

Keep doing as much reading as you can and keep asking us questions... Wont be long until you can keep an octopus!


Re: Newbie Questions|esp|
Thanks for the reply! I am in the US, connecticut. I went to one of the few good petshops around, and they dont offer octopi.
A local classified paper here had some great deals on tanks. For instance, I saw someone was selling a 125gallon for 50$. I don't think im going to be purchasing anything soon, as you said, I want to read alot more, and find out what its going to take.
Thanks again!

Re: Newbie Questions|octomonkey|
No prob.

give me a shout closer to the time....

Re: Newbie Questions|pikaia|1026326551||0||default

well i have been thinking, not of getting a cephlapod, but of their cute little cuz the snail!:) i used to have a very basic fish tank with the common fish like neons and those bottom feeders. but that was when i was twelve and i dont really remember taking care of them (i think my mother must have)

i know this is a site for ceph care but those who own cephlopods must have some knowledge of other marine animals right? soooo if any one knows what the best set up would be--i mean things like do i need plants and what kind of filter? do i have to buy fish as well and what kinds of snails are best-or does it matter-

i talked to a pet store man and he didnt really have much to say (i dont think he really thinks much of snails(the jerk))

i have heard that they dont like salt water but i geuss that just a species thing right? (there are snails in the ocean i think ( i dont know ive never seen the ocean) anyways if any one knows anything at all please reply

Re: Newbie Questions|octomonkey|
Yeah, i can do that for you..... I have at one time either kept or managed most types of available aquatic animals...

Anyway, a really easy snail to keep, yet grows big and looks cool AND has interesting behaviour is the apple snail.

All they need is a small (5gallon) tank witha small filter, good food supply (anything green :) ) and they get as big as an apple, they are available thru most LFS shops.....

try a search on apple snails, anything else just ask :)

Re: Newbie Questions|pikaia|
thanks colin i just did a search and a lot came up so i now have something to do for the next few days
it will be awhile before i have money enouph to get it ( stupid minimum wage jobs)

i am terribly excited about getting a snail and just can't wait ;D
Thanks again

Re: Newbie Questions|octomonkey|
i reckon it could be done for less than $50 or so.... not so expensive in the long run either...


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