OK -- Here We Go!

How about the arctic icecap? We can go diving and check out them new species.

Actually, Baltimore would be remarkably convenient for me next year. My sister is moving there next month. And with Atlantic City so close, I might be able to make the trip pay for itself. :cool2:
and to those of you saying "next year"....sigh...don't know about that !!!!!!!!!!!
I'm all for Tonmocon Gobi 2006! We could all stay in yurts and drink fermented pony milk! Want to see some cephs? Gotta start digging!
I'm gonna pound 3 energy drinks and leave for Monterey at 4 AM tomorrow morning. I expect to come down while I'm at the aquarium, and I'll be a mess during the MBARI tour. Perhaps on the way to MBARI I'll stop at a gas station and get more red bull.
Well, Shanlyn, Tom (octopussyaz) and I all head out around midnight tonight...should be there noonish tomorrow, but first dibs on the pool...and then a good nap ! I am sure a bit of late night carouserie is going to take place, then upandatem for the big day !!!
Hope you all have a goodun shame my plans cant accomodate on this occasion.

But let us know if its foggy over there ave been told it will be at this time of year but would be intrested!!

Also good poster for the event, my old avatar, superb painting (in meomory of a former board memebr i believe)

That octo in a curry house with a remote control an a pint of guinness.....oh yessss!!!! ave one for me!!!!!!

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