Ok here is Goliath and his 75 gallon tank


Aug 29, 2006
I have had a couple of Zyan's babys about a month and a half now thought i would go ahead and share them with Tonmo.I am running a 75gallon tank now with a chiller.I am keeping the temp at 63 degrees with a 1/10 Hp chiller it is working great i could go much lower if i wanted to the chiller kicks on for about 10 minutes every other hour.There are two Bimac's in the tank i do not suggest anyone else do this alougth i do not see them fight.I have a very fine sand in the tank they love to run there tentacles through it.But some mornings i get up and the sand is all kicked up and cloudy wich leaves me to believe they might get into it and night.I have named one Goliath he is massive he is the largest Bimac i have ever had and his colors are out of this world i have never seen such a display of colors like he has!The other one i have not named yet he is very reclusive i only see him about twice a week.He is half the size of Goliath and they are Siblings i think that is crazy how they could be of the same batch and be such a size difference.I started the tank out at 73 degrees until i got the chiller.Then dropped the temp slowly over time to 63 degrees.I thought this would cut back on the amount that Goliath ate but has not he consumes about 3 fiddlers a day he is hurting my pocket book:lol:he is worth it though best Bimac i have had!Anyways just wanted to share with you guys my tentacles of joy i am attching some pics of the tank and Goliath enjoy!

Sorry for the low quality pics i think my camera settings are off and i will be adding a 20 gallon sump very soon!


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Here are the best pics i have of Goliath:


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Nice pics! Now they have names!

In case anyone is wondering, I accidently deleted the thread in which dutchcourage posted these pics previously. I apologize - I thought I was deleting my post!


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