Oh lovely, lovely Dominica

Feb 8, 2004
Another ceph encounter. Yesterday I followed an octopus swimming to escape from another diver. The octopus landed on a coral head and immediately morphed into a coral head. Had I not known it was there, I would never have seen it. When I got too close, the octopus let go, quickly changed to sand color, and swam off to another coral head. This time it went under the coral to a small overhang. I watched it inch its way under the coral. By the time I got to there and looked under the ledge all I could see was its BEAK and behind it, the breathing hole opening and closing. I watched for a few minutes, marvelling at the amazing creature. Did I mention he was missing half an arm? Poor boy! :D
Wow! Congrats to you! That's an awesome experience. Thanks for sharing!

A friend from work went to Bon Aire in June and was able to observe an octo about 80 feet down or so, with other divers... sounds like you were able to have an intimate moment!

/can't get enough of the wild ceph encounter stories

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