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octtopus strength?


Blue Ring
Mar 5, 2004
Can the lift Glass tops up ? On the tank I am looking at it will have the glass top style ( two pieces of glass with a hinge and the a piece of glass in the back). Now will the weight of the glass be enough or will and adult Bio lift the lid and get out?
it could lift it, why not have the glass held in place by tracking? They could be siliconed to the top and hold the glass in place
I believe that is exactly what he mean, but if you do it all the way around hard to lift the front.

I actually did something similar, and then just put a brick 9which I duct taped heavily!!) on the front two panels, with a little tape. That way when feeding, cleaning or playing I just easly remove the brick. It has worked so far, but I am very careful about it.

I do believe that this is temporary while he is small, and I will have to do something else, but right now I feel he is secure!

Word of caution, don't use the heaviest brick you can find, and use tape as well!!!

Thats just my :twocents:
I read that Dr. Wood warped his tank lid by putting weights on the bottom of his lid and covered them up so his octo couldn't lift it.
If youv'e got a bimac and it is fed well, it shouldn't try escaping. Vulgaris and briarius are more prone to get out. :smile:
Maybe bimacs are less prone to escaping, but they do climb out and sometimes even die before being found.

My bimac climbed up out of the tank and sat up on the edge while we were there taking care of the tank!


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