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Octopus with clown fish


Aug 4, 2005
I have a Octopus cyanea. Its mantle is about 1.5 " in diameter. Can it eat a maroon clown that is also about 1.75 " long? I was hoping to keep them together. Iknow it is best to keep Octopus alone but wil lthey eat a large fish if there are many live crabs and shrimp available?
Octo sharing tank

I just got another Octo and was hesitant to add it to my tank(kept in critter keeper). I have 3 engineer gobies (@ 14 inches), a Lion,a dwarf lion, banded cat shark, a clown and a ribbon eel. My wife came up with an Idea to seperate the tank. I got a piece of acrylic and fit in the tank to be snug top, bottom and sides(no escapes possible) and drilled numerous holes(3/16). And slide it into place, now Simon(octo) has 15 gals of my 75 to his own.
15 gallons is way to small for any octo. im afraid you will need ot get another tank for him or take your otehr fish out. octos are species only!! well have a good one
it has to be torture for the fish ! seeing one of their favourite foods behind a screen !!


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