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Octopus videos on Google

Excellent! It seemed to me he took a little more time squeezing his mantle to get through--perhaps in addition to the size of the beak there's a limit to how much they can compress their organs.

How are you doing on the octo front? If I remember correctly you received an ill-fated Octopet about the same time I did.

Unfortunately right now my octo tank is empty (well, a few leftover fiddlers and shrimp running around in it). I'm eagerly looking for another bimac to fill the void.

I did have a briareus for some time. He wasn't as active in the daytime as my bimac, but I keep late hours so that wasn't too much of an inconvenience. He was happy in his home for a number of months, until he escaped one morning and perished on the floor (right next to a bucket of saltwater and fiddlers...). I'm still not sure how he escaped, the entire top was covered and sealed. He either managed to push the lid up, or escaped through the water 'outlet' from the sump. (I did catch him crawling into the water outlet once. Even with the water pressure, he managed to enter it. I upped the pressure a little bit and he finally came out).

Sorry to hear about your briareus! But there's no better time to be looking for a bimac, though. From here on out I wonder if fall is going to be the only season they're available.

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