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Octopus Transportation

Jan 10, 2007
Hello. I am a college student living in a dorm, and the only pets we can have must live in an aquarium, so I thought it would be cool to get an octopus.

My biggest concern however is transporting from school to home a couple times a year. Would it be bad to have to do this, maybe three or four times a year when I can't be here in the dorm? Is there a safe way to transport the octopus without causing too much stress?

I think the main issue you would have to be concerned with is the stress on the animal while trying to catch it, possibly inking in the bag while in transit. Other than that you'd need 2 tanks set up, one in your dorm, one at home. Tearing down a tank and setting it back up would just not be a suitable scenario, and depending on someone else to keep a tank up and running is sketchy.

I don't think anyone would recommend it honestly.
Moving them around does cause a lot of stress.

One year two different bimac owners in two different parts of the country took their pets to school for a day. The octos came back so stressed that BOTH of them tried to escape, with one of the attempts being fatal.

I think you should choose a more portable pet and save keeping an octopus for later.

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